What's New at ER: Roles and Permissions, New Reports and Enhanced Narratives

What's New at ER: Roles and Permissions, New Reports and Enhanced Narratives

January 17, 2019

UpdatER Briefing, January 2019

Welcome to the new year! Everyone at ER hopes your holidays were a time of joy and rejuvenation. January brings football playoffs, preparation for department annual reports and personal and professional goal setting. Like you, we’re ready for another productive year so let’s kick off 2019 with a new edition of UpdatER.

Roles & Permissions - Migration Complete

On January 14, 2019 our team completed the migration of over 6,000 agency accounts to the new Roles & Permissions (R&P) security model. We’ll soon be retiring all of the old code for the legacy permissions. Once that’s complete, we’ll be enhancing R&P with more granular permissions. To get up to speed on the new R&P, be sure to check out the following links:

 Knowledge Base Articles

 Virtual Thursday Webinars

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New Report #1 - Detector Performance

Thanks to Lt. Michael Moore of Orange County Fire/Rescue (FL) for helping us develop Report #1767 - Fire Detector Performance Report. This report fulfills a critical need for OCFR and we think it will be beneficial for all of our customers, especially those seeking to implement or enhance their smoke detector programs.

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New Report #2 - Details, Details, and More Details

Help on this report comes to us from Administrative District Chief Andy Olesen of Cedar Rapids Fire Department (IA). Report 1768 - Incident Details for Date Range for Incident Type for Response Mode for Zone for Apparatus for Shift for Aid Type,\ is helping Andy manage his agency’s re-accreditation application. One unique aspect of this report is that it includes the order of arrival for all apparatus on an incident. Good stuff…thanks Andy!

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Incident Narratives Setting Enhancements

Thanks to feedback from one of our newest customers, Anaheim Fire and Rescue (CA), we are pleased to announce improvements to Incident Narrative Settings. If you’ve designated ownership of an apparatus as “Not Department Unit” for Department Ownership in the Admin Module and that unit appears on the incident report, a narrative for that unit will not be required. This rule holds true even if "All Incident exposures are required to have at least 1 narrative for every apparatus” is selected in Incident Narrative Settings.

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Keepin' Up with Katie

Be sure to check out the first in a series of blog articles from our very own Support Tech, Katie Heins as she explains all of the resources available to help you get the most out of ER. Not only is she super smart, she’s also super nice as many of you already know if you’ve ever had her help you with a support ticket. Customer service is in her DNA. Her series of articles will focus on your success, so stay tuned in the weeks ahead as she shares secrets from the Support Team.


Station Check Webinar

Our friends at Station Check will be hosting a webinar on January 31st at 11am EST to go over how you, as an ER customer, can utilize our integration with Station Check for seamless reporting. Reserve your spot at the webinar here.

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That does it for our first UpdatER for 2019. Until next month, stay safe and thank you for being an ER expert.


Tom Louis
Business Development Analyst


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