What's New at ER: Roles and Permissions, Daily Roster, Bulk Maintenance and More

What's New at ER: Roles and Permissions, Daily Roster, Bulk Maintenance and More

December 13, 2018

UpdatER Briefing, December 2018

As we wind down 2018, many of you are still recovering from a tough year of record-setting wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and most recently, unprecedented snowstorms in the Carolinas. Everyone at Emergency Reporting sends a heartfelt thank you for all you do for your communities. We’re proud to serve all of you as you make meaningful differences in the lives of the people you serve.

Fill Training from Daily Rosters

Many have asked if we could create a feature that would allow the class roster to be filled from Daily Rosters. We’re happy to say that our team has made that happen. Now, when you click on “Add Agency Personnel” there are two additional columns in the grid: “Daily Roster” and “Apparatus.” These columns allow you to fill the class with personnel from the entire Daily Roster or personnel from just certain apparatus from the same Roster.

Maintenance Bulk Ops

We make it easy to stay off the naughty list, especially when it comes to accidental bulk operations in the Maintenance Module. Sometimes we are a little too quick on the keyboard and unintentionally create a bulk maintenance request for 17,000 pieces of equipment (it happened). So, in order to reduce the chances of that occurring, we added a little reminder on the button itself letting you know how many items will be affected by the bulk operation before you submit your maintenance request.

Time is on Your Side

Another addition to the Maintenance Module is the ability to time stamp when maintenance is requested, scheduled/assigned, and completed. Before we just had the date, but many customers needed the time too.


Updated Roles and Permissions

We continue to roll out the new Roles and Permissions security model to all our customers. This roll-out will continue into January. Here’s all the links you need to get up to speed on this cool new administrative tool coming soon to your account (for some, it’s already there so be sure to check it out).

Important Info for Existing Customers

Virtual Thursday – Webinar Training 1

Virtual Thursday – Webinar Training 2

Looking Good

During the past month we’ve applied our new look to the Hydrants, Events and Shifts Modules. Our entire system will have this new look and feel in the months ahead. Additionally, we’ll be refining our user experience with standardized elements across all modules. Things like time/date pickers, personnel pickers and many other elements will be made consistent across the entire platform. Our team is grateful for all the positive feedback we’ve received so far on this first round of changes.

Well, that’ll do it for our final UpdatER of 2018. We have many exciting things coming in 2019, so be on the lookout for in-system announcements, Virtual Thursdays, and of course, this timely newsletter.

On behalf of the entire Emergency Reporting Family, we wish you and your families very happy holidays, and a safe, prosperous new year.


Tom Louis
Business Development Analyst


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