What's New at ER: Roles and Permissions, Truck Checks, and Other ER Updates

What's New at ER: Roles and Permissions, Truck Checks, and Other ER Updates

November 19, 2018

UpdatER Briefing, November 2018

This continues to be a difficult fall for first responders around the country —first Hurricane Michael in the Southeast and now wildland fires devastating California. Everyone at Emergency Reporting (ER) would like to recognize the tremendous sacrifices you are making for your communities. Many of us on the ER team spent years in the fire service, so we truly understand and are grateful for your hard work during these trying times. We’ve got some important items to share in this month’s UpdatER that we hope will bring some good news to your day.

Roles and Permissions

Our new Roles and Permissions (R&P) security model will begin rolling out December 3, 2018. We’ll be converting accounts in batches over the weeks ahead. The current legacy security model will be fully phased out in February 2019.Thanks to our beta testers and early adopters, we’ve built a solid foundation to help you manage permissions much more effectively.


R&P replaces our Module-based permissions settings. We found that basing system access on the Modules was too limiting. For example, giving someone FULL permissions granted too much access, and LIMITED permissions provided too little. With the new R&P, that won’t be a problem. Now the permissions are what we call “granular,” meaning that you have the ability to control who has access to certain elements within the system. This new tool is powerful enough that our developers can create permissions down to the field level.

Be sure to take full advantage of our Knowledge Base Articles, upcoming live virtual training sessions, and previously recorded webinars in order to fully understand this powerful new tool.

(Truck) Check It Out

The latest change to ER’s Truck Check is a modernization of the Apparatus List. Functionally, nothing is different. However, the list of your vehicles is improved with a more streamlined look. Crisper buttons with a new font were designed to improve the usability of Truck Checks. We think it’s a nice change and hope you do too.

Out with the old…


In with the new!



Pressing the Right Button

Many of our customers have fantastic inspection forms that are exceptionally thorough (and lengthy). We’ve addressed a common pain point by adding “Bulk Operations” buttons at the bottom of the inspection form so that your inspectors don’t have to scroll up to the top of the page every time they need to do bulk ops. Shout out to Brad Pierson, Arson/Fire Investigator and his team at Peoria Fire (IL) for this feature request. It’s ideas like these that make our system better for everyone. Thanks, Brad!


Report Roundup

Two new reports requested directly from our customers have been deployed. The first is from Lewisville Fire (TX), 1764 - Inspection Results by Inspection and Occupancy Types for Date Range. This one adds multi-pickers for Inspection Type, Inspection Results, and Occupancy Type. It also adds columns for Occupancy Type and Square Footage. Thanks to Chiefs Terry McGrath and Mark Richards and IT Specialist Ruth Woodward for this terrific report.


The next new report comes from Greg McComb at Oshtemo Township Fire (MI). This one is 1763 - Total Hours for Employee ID for Pay Code ID for Date Range. It delivers a clean summary of hours worked for each pay code for personnel by Employee ID.



Be sure to check out our November blog post featuring some of our staff's favorite lesser-known reports - http://blog.emergencyreporting.com/hidden-gems-er-reports-that-rock.

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And that’s it for November’s UpdatER. The entire Emergency Reporting Team wishes everyone a restful and safe Thanksgiving (be careful with those turkey fryers). Here at ER, we have much to be thankful for: A wonderful company with top-notch people, a continually improving product and all of you, our fantastic customers. We thank you for being part of the ER Family and contributing to our success. Catch you next month as we wind down 2018.


Tom Louis

Business Development Analyst



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