What’s New at ER: Printing ePCRs, Admin Module, Annual Report Guide Download & More!

What’s New at ER: Printing ePCRs, Admin Module, Annual Report Guide Download & More!

August 16, 2018

We know it’s been a busy summer for many of you, with countless wildland fires in the West and flooding and storms in the East – so we’ll keep this month’s UpdatER short and sweet so you can get back to taking care of your communities as the summer comes to a close.


Print That PCR

You told us you needed an easier way to print an ePCR. We agree and are happy to say that you can print an ePCR directly from the Summary panel. No more extra clicks needed to generate a printable PDF of your patient care.


Administration Module Time Saver

When adding Destinations in the Administration Module by selecting from the “State Agency Code” dropdown, the address is automatically populated from data in our main database. So, whenever you select that agency in your ePCR Destination panel, it will autofill those fields.


Amazing Annual Reports

Thanks for making our free Guide to Creating Annual Reports one of our most downloaded documents ever. Many customers have taken advantage of this guide to improve their annual reports. A couple of our power users at Lower Merion Fire Department, Chief Charles McGarvey and Administrative Assistant Melissa Focht, put together a terrific 2017 Annual Report for their large volunteer department outside of Philadelphia. Nice job! 

“The reports that Emergency Reporting provided helped us in not only putting together a more professional looking annual report, but gave us the opportunity to fully utilize the reports module in order to provide more relevant information for all those who read this report. The information provided through ER has helped us to better document our story with relevant data that is clear, accurate and easy to read! We are already planning next year’s annual report and plan to utilize even more of the information that is able to be pulled from the Emergency Reporting database.” - Chief Charles McGarvey

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See You in San Antonio

You may be your department’s ER expert today, but who’s there to help your agency when you’re not around? Help develop your next generation of leaders by sending them to our Regional Training Academy in San Antonio, Texas on September 11-13. They’ll learn the ins and outs of Emergency Reporting and return very well prepared to be your next ER subject matter expert.


Your Feedback Makes Us the Best in the Industry

Thanks to your participation in training events, sending in feature requests, 106,000+ likes on Facebook, and the professional relationships you’ve developed with our team, Emergency Reporting continues to lead the industry in providing a great customer experience. We’re always striving to be better, but we can’t do it without you. That’s why we would be grateful if you spent a few minutes completing our newest customer survey. We take these responses to heart and use them to continually improve our products and company. Thanks so much for taking the time to help. 

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We all hope you have a safe and restful end to your summer. Stay tuned for future editions of this newsletter as we begin to roll out some exciting changes in the months ahead.

Tom Louis
Business Development Analyst



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