Using ER Data for Your ISO Public Protection Survey

Using ER Data for Your ISO Public Protection Survey

June 14, 2018

One of our recent Virtual Thursday webinars, “Using ER Data for Your ISO Public Protection Survey,” gave participants a thorough look at the modules and reports in Emergency Reporting that can help fire departments prepare for an Insurance Services Office (ISO) survey. Our guest speaker, Administration Major David Richardson, discussed his own experience at Midwest City Fire Department in Oklahoma and how they’ve used ER to accomplish a top ISO Class 1 for the past three years.

Here are some key points from the webinar:

ISO inspections or audits are conducted by field representatives who come out to a community to determine the fire risk based on the Field Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS).

The four areas that ISO will grade you on:

  • Communications (how many dispatchers you have, how you handle and receive alarms, etc.) – 10% of your grading
  • Fire Department – 50% of your grading
  • Water Department – 40% of your grading
  • Community Risk Reduction – 5.5 bonus points

Major Richardson stressed that the bonus Community Risk Reduction points are what helped his department maintain an ISO 1. “Without those bonus points, we would not have maintained an ISO 1,” he said.

He also provided a useful chart showing ISO item numbers from three of the above categories and the correlating ER Reports to use. He says 60% of your grading can be done with these reports:


So how can you prepare for an audit?

Major Richardson says it’s important to get your data submitted regularly and to have someone monitor it periodically to ensure data is being entered properly. Using Emergency Reporting enables you to have high quality and reliable data that you can trust when ISO comes to town for an audit. An example of an ER module that can help ensure that you have quality data is the Incidents module. Major Richardson points out that in ER, incident reports cannot be submitted to the state or NFIRS until they’ve been reviewed for accuracy and completeness.

According to Major Richardson, the 12 ER modules that Midwest City FD uses every single day and have helped with their ISO audits include:

  • Incidents
  • Hydrants
  • Maintenance
  • Occupancy
  • Training 3.0
  • Reports
  • Library
  • Shifts
  • Calendar
  • Events
  • Daily Roster
  • Analytics

“All of those in some form have an impact on the data that I’m going to give an ISO field rep when he comes. All of these will help provide the data that ISO’s looking for,” he says. In the webinar, Major Richardson dives deeper into the following three ER modules and the reports that are helpful:

  • Incidents
  • Training
  • Daily Roster

Whether your agency has been through several ISO audits or hasn’t had one yet, this is a must-watch Virtual Thursday if you’d like to learn how to take advantage of your ER software in preparation for a future ISO survey. “ER is going to help get [ISO] in and out, get them out of your hair and get your grading back quicker,” he says.

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