UpdatER Briefing #4: Awesome Quality Assurance, New Reports and FDIC Giveaway

UpdatER Briefing #4: Awesome Quality Assurance, New Reports and FDIC Giveaway

April 04, 2018

Welcome to the fourth edition of UpdatER. Spring is here and it's almost time for FDIC! Be sure to enter our customer giveaway to win one of two Vitamix blenders! Two loyal customers will be chosen at FDIC but if you can't make it to Indianapolis this year, no problem! We will ship your prize if you win. If you do plan to go to FDIC, please come visit us at booth # 5557. 

Quality Assurance that is Quite Awesome! 

One of the latest refinements to the Incident Module for our NEMSIS 3 Customers is the ability to search for ePCRs needing a QA review by your EMS Chief, Medical Director, or Prehospital Coordinator.

If you select this in an N3 ePCR:


Then you can select "Review Requested" in Advanced Search to quickly find ePCRs needing review:


 Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) Update

Our development team is at it again creating surprise and delight features. This time they created a LOSAP setting that allows agencies to set one award point to equal 1 percentage of the incidents responded. For example, 30 points can be automatically awarded to a firefighter that attended 30% of calls. This setting is accomplished in the Administration Module > LOSAP Settings. 



A Retort on Reports

Check out our new Report #1746 - Patient Age Breakdown for Date Range (NEMSIS 3 Incidents Only). This report continues our progress on updating system reports for N3:


Here's another good one: Report #1747 - Breadown by Provider Impression for Date Range (NEMSIS 3 Incidents Only)


We'd love to see you at one of our upcoming Regional Training Academies. Here's a link to all of them...Pick your favorite destination and become an ER expert. 

As temperatures start warming up, look for some exciting news on a long-awaited feature in next month's UpdatER. Let's just say it's Tango Charlie...Totally Cool. Until then, stay safe and thanks for being part of the ER Family.


Best regards,

Tom Louis
Professional Services Project Manager






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