UpdatER Briefing #3: New FuelER App, ePCR Enhancements & More

UpdatER Briefing #3: New FuelER App, ePCR Enhancements & More

March 05, 2018

Welcome to the third edition of UpdatER. Lots of good things to report, so let’s dive right in.

We Are Here to Pump You Up!

We’re pleased to announce the release our newest online tool: FuelER. This app makes at-the-pump documentation easier than ever before. Simply navigate to fueler.erapps.com on any device and enter your Emergency Reporting login name and password. Once you’re in, simply select the vehicle you’re fueling, enter fuel volume, the odometer reading, apparatus hours, and notes. Voila…Done. The fuel-up data is instantly submitted to your ER account. You must have the Maintenance Module for FuelER to work. Also, be sure to set a Default Activity Code for Completed Maintenance (in the Administrations Module) so fuel-ups will automatically appear in the Daily Log.

Oh, by the way, FuelER even works offline…and it’s free to boot. Fill’er Up!

Here’s a couple links to learn more: FuelER; Setting a shortcut in iOS













One Small Upgrade, One Big Help to Investigators

Some of our Customers asked for a longer field for Narrative Titles. Because of their feedback, we increased title length for Incident Narrative Titles from 25 characters to 75. This is a big deal for agencies requiring a more descriptive title for investigation entries. We think it will help any agency needing more descriptive titles for apparatus narratives too.


 ePCR Enhancements

Check out these cool updates to our NEMSIS 3-compliant ePCR:

To Delay or Not to Delay

When it comes to documenting patient care, we say less delay is better, for sure. Now report writers can prefill all “Delay Types” with a “None/No Delay” in the Response/Crew Panel > Delay Types Section of an ePCR:


Is the Patient a Resident?

A big ask from our customers was the ability to make the “Patient Resides in Service Area” field required. This is a critical field for agencies that bill non-residents for service. We’re glad to report that field can now be made required in Administration > Required Fields and Customizations:


Report In!

To wrap up this edition of UpdatER, check out our newest addition to system reports:

Report #1745 - Incident Count per Complaint Reported by Dispatch for Date Range (NEMSIS 3 Incidents Only)


Inspectors Rejoice: Report #1135 Completed Inspections for Inspection Type for Date Range now has a new column that displays Zone in its own column:


Thanks for being a loyal customer.  Watch for more cool updates in a couple of weeks.

Best regards,

Tom Louis
Professional Services Project Manager






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