What's New at ER: Doc IDs, Daily Log Enhancements, and More

What's New at ER: Doc IDs, Daily Log Enhancements, and More

October 24, 2018

UpdatER Briefing #10

We know it’s been a very difficult October for everyone in the path of Hurricane Michael. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the first responders and volunteers helping with the recovery effort in and around the Florida Panhandle. Here’s a little distraction to take your mind off of the storm’s devastation and get you caught up with the latest changes to the Emergency Reporting system.

Show Me Your ID

All system reports now appear with their corresponding document identification number (Doc ID) adjacent to its title. As always, you can enter the Doc ID in the report search field and that report will load immediately.

So, what do those Doc IDs mean anyway? Simply that the higher the number, the newer the report. In other words, Report #15 – Active Personnel Per Agency for Stations was created waaaay before #1756 – Training Code and Training Code Category Hours for Standard for Personnel for Date Range.


 Helpful Tip: Report #779 will give you a Master List of all current reports in the system.

New Report for Training Verification

If your agency requires personnel to verify class attendance, then you’re in good company…the U.S. Army Fire & Emergency Services does too. And we happen to have a solution and report just for that purpose. Check out Report #1762 – Class Verification by Personnel for Date Range. It lets training officers know exactly who has verified class attendance. In last month’s UpdatER, we introduced the feature that enables each active user in your ER account to verify classes in My Profile.


It’s a Beautiful Daily Log

We’ve added a couple of enhancements to our Daily Log to make tracking your daily routine easier. The first one will make battalion chiefs everywhere very happy: You can now multi-pick which stations’ daily logs appear on your Welcome Page. You can see just the stations you’re responsible for instead of having to view the daily logs of all stations.


The second enhancement adds a little color to the Daily Log. Many of our customers have asked for the ability to color code log book entries for faster viewing of key items. You now can choose among four colors to highlight logbook entries: yellow, blue, green, and red.


On behalf of everyone at Emergency Reporting, thank you for being a customer and also for all of the terrific ideas you keep sending our way – it’s what makes ER the best Fire and EMS records management system on the planet. See you in November with more cool system updates…until then, stay safe.

Best regards,

Tom Louis
Business Development Analyst


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