New and Improved Look. Same User-Friendly Software.

New and Improved Look. Same User-Friendly Software.

September 05, 2018

The Emergency Reporting (ER) Fire and EMS Records Management and Reporting solution currently supports over 379,000 first responders, and it is our goal to continually improve upon the products we deliver to make their jobs easier. We are excited to announce that we have updated the design and look of our software. The improvements will be released in stages so that we can comprehensively test the changes and quickly deliver improvements with minimal impact for ER customers. The design changes will begin to appear in some customer accounts in September and should be fully implemented into all accounts within the next couple months. 


Updated Design 

We are taking our product to the next level by sequentially updating the software navigation and improving the user experience.  

New UI Screenshot 1


Global Header

The main change in the global header is that the navigation menu has been moved out of the header to a fixed left sidebar. Additionally, the color has been changed and we have added a link in the "My Profile" page for easy access to the details that matter the most to you.


New UI Header


Fixed Navigation Menu 

The navigation menu will still be on the left side of the screen, but we are saying goodbye to the dropdown list. The menu will now display on every page, simplifying the steps to get to where you want to go. We know that it’s important that the software is easy to use on a tablet and we are optimizing for this. You will be able to horizontally minimize the navigation menu to just a thin strip of icons, allowing you to maximize the screen space and still quickly navigate through the software with just one click/tap. 


Page Hierarchy 

We are improving the layout of each module by adding a clear title and tab navigation to the top of the page. This new layout will provide clear and consistent structure for each module. 


New UI Page H



Color Theme 

We are moving to a minimal color palette and using color intentionally to draw the eye towards important elements and action items. One of the reasons we are changing the color theme is so that the software colors are accessibility compliant. That means elements on the page will have the appropriate contrast to be readable by all people, including those with disabilities. The color theme will also be cleaner by removing unnecessary background colors.   


What to Expect 

Initially, you will see the navigation changes on 8 modules (Analytics, Calendar, Daily Roster, Demographics, Library, Message Center, My Profile, Payroll) and the Daybook.  

Then, we will sequentially update the navigation on the rest of the module pages. 


What do you think of the new UI? 

We would love to hear what you think of our new navigation and design. Your feedback will help us make continual improvements and build a product that serves you better. If you are willing to share your experience please take our short four question survey by clicking below.

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