Improving Your ISO Score with Records Management Software

Improving Your ISO Score with Records Management Software

December 26, 2018

Anyone who's had a successful visit from the Insurance Services Office (ISO) will agree that being well-prepared is vital. They'll also probably agree that having to deal with an upcoming audit could be very stressful and time-consuming, unless you proactively arm yourself with the best tools to help you prepare.

Our newly-released white paper, "Improving Your ISO Score with Fire/EMS Records Management Software," explains how using a powerful Records Management Software (RMS) platform like Emergency Reporting (ER) is one of the best ways to be prepared for your next ISO audit.

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The free white paper discusses ways to use your ER software to help you prepare and even improve your department’s rating. It features Administration Major David Richardson of Midwest City Fire Department, who led his department through three ISO audits and successfully used ER to achieve a top ISO Class 1 each time. Not only has Major Richardson led his department through several successful audits, but he was also an ISO rep for seven years prior to working in the fire service. His valuable advice contributed to this whitepaper and will help you prepare for your next ISO survey.

David-Richardson-1Major David Richardson, Midwest City Fire Dept.

"Improving Your ISO Score with Fire/EMS Records Management Software" covers the basics of the ISO Public Protection Survey and how the rating scale works, the four areas that ISO will grade you on, and the specific reports in ER that will be useful. It also covers goals and advice on how to prepare, and the twelve ER modules that Major Richardson says Midwest City FD uses every single day and have helped them prepare for their ISO visits.

Whether your agency has been through several ISO audits or hasn’t had one yet, it’s important to make sure you’re accurately and consistently inputting and monitoring your data, as well as taking advantage of your ER software in preparation for a future ISO visit. 

Download our new white paper for more information on how you can be fully prepared when ISO comes to town. If you'd like to read about how ER helped to significantly lower the ISO rating of a fire department in Arkansas, read our latest case study here

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