Hidden Gems: ER Reports That Rock

Hidden Gems: ER Reports That Rock

November 05, 2018

The ER system has some extremely powerful (but maybe not as well known) reports that can help you tell your department’s story in meaningful ways to decision makers. We’ve enlisted help from our boots on the ground, the Training and Sales teams, to share the reports they love. We think you’ll find them valuable too.




Lee Kleve, Director of Federal Sales
Report 1031 – NFPA Annual Survey – PART III, Breakdown of Structure Fires and Other Fire and Incidents for Date Range


“I like all the reports we have for NFPA since departments forget these reports are available in the system,” explained Kleve. “Report 1031 seems to be of the greatest interest to the customer.”




Mark Wolf, Regional Trainer
Report 906 – Hours Spent per Activity Code for Date Range

“As a fire chief, Report 906 became important to demonstrate to the city administration and elected officials what work activities we did in the fire department and how much time was spent on each,” stated Wolf. “The data provided by Report 906 documented the activity of the firefighters and demonstrated to our city administration and elected officials just how active we were daily.”




Billy Craft, Regional Rep, TX & OK
Report 1640 – Training Code Hours for Standard for Personnel for Date Range

“I really like this one for state and/or ISO reporting,” Craft said.



Keith Doepp


Keith Doepp, Eastern Sales Manager
Report 1624 – Personnel Summary and Percentage of Points per Incident and Training and Events for Incident Type


“This one is great for my LOSAP customers in the Northeast,” declared Doepp.

LOSAP is an acronym for Length of Service Awards Program. It’s a vital tool that volunteer departments use to track the hundreds of hours their members give to the community throughout the year. Note: Points must be enabled in the Payroll Module for this report to run correctly.



Todd Lambert, Regional Trainer
Report 1688 – JPR Template Completion Status for Template for JPR for Personnel for Date Range

“Report 1688 is a 'one-stop' report that easily shows the progress and completion status of a member's required training,” continued Lambert. “It takes all the paperwork and tracking effort by putting it in one simple, easy to understand report.”


Tom Louis, Business Development Analyst
Report 1420 – Incident Count by Weekday and Hour for Zone and Date Range

“This report tells a great story,” stated Louis. “Once you learn that the blue cells indicate peak volume per hour and red cells are peak volume per day of the week, you can easily determine when demand is highest and adjust resource distribution accordingly…great stuff.”


On behalf of the entire ER Team, we hope you take the opportunity to explore these system reports and that they help you make the most of your agency’s vast amount of data being collected. Be sure to share some of your favorite reports with us too. We’d love to hear how ER is helping make your department better.


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