FuelER Web App

FuelER Web App

February 27, 2018

Getting Started with FuelER

FuelER is a new, free web app for Emergency Reporting (ER) customers that can be used to easily track fuel usage on the go. 

FuelER can be accessed from any device (phone, tablet, computer) and via any browser while connected to the internet. FuelER provides ER users with a simple access point to document fuel usage for any apparatus that is already in their ER account. To use FuelER, you must have a current ERS account with the Maintenance Module activated.


Accessing FuelER

To access FuelER open the browser on the device and type in the URL FuelER.ersapps.com. This will establish a secure connection and bring you to the login screen.

Saving FuelER URL to Home Screen

iOS – Apple

If you would like to create a FuelER App icon on your tablet or phone home screen, simply click on the forward button as shown in the picture below. Then select "Add to Home Screen" and it will be added to your home screen. For devices that aren't iOS check out this article.


Using FuelER

  • Log in to FuelER using your normal ERS login and password.
  • Select the apparatus from the list. This list is dynamic and will display all apparatus associated with your account. This is the only required field. The app will not allow submission of any data if an apparatus is not selected.
  • Enter fuel volume (only numbers will be allowed).
  • Enter odometer (only numbers will be allowed).
  • Enter apparatus hours (only numbers will be allowed).
  • Enter notes 
  • Select "Log Fuel Usage."
  • Review your data and then select "Submit."

Fuel Data in ERS Application

Upon inspection in the core ERS application, the user will observe an entry in the Daily Log as well as a Completed Maintenance Request for the apparatus that was selected.

Need help? Contact our support team at at 1 (844) 253-9337 or fill out a support ticket.

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