Defend Your Department’s Budget with Data

Defend Your Department’s Budget with Data

July 16, 2018

Many fire departments across the country have experienced or are currently experiencing the struggle of dealing with budget cuts. Stations close, staffing gets cut – but the calls and scope of services increase. How can you convey to the community and its decision makers – those who hold the purse strings – that cuts to your budget can drastically impact the level of service your department can provide, and in turn pose a threat to the safety of your community? It all comes down to cold, hard data. 

Our newly released white paper, “Defend Your Dollars: Using Data in the Battle Against Fire Service Budget Cuts,” discusses how you can use data to convey that message and defend your department’s budget. It includes ways to educate the community and its leaders, the tools needed to properly collect and analyze your data, and the type of data you can pull from an adequate Records Management System that will be vital in defending your budget. Click the button below to download the free white paper today:

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