Customer Spotlight: PA Volunteer and Career Fire Agency Lower Merion Fire Department

Customer Spotlight: PA Volunteer and Career Fire Agency Lower Merion Fire Department

November 30, 2018

At Emergency Reporting, we’re proud to provide our services to the 4,400+ volunteer and mostly volunteer departments that use ER. We recently wrote a [case study] focusing on one of our volunteer agency customers, Lower Merion Fire Department in Ardmore, PA, which is comprised of seven volunteer fire companies and a fire prevention/codes enforcement office.

Lower Merion FD was experiencing what so many other fire departments across the country have experienced: frustration with their RMS software. But what they realized that many departments don’t is: You’re not stuck with your software. If it’s making things harder rather than easier, it often means that it’s time to change. Lower Merion FD decided to do just that, making the switch to ER over two years ago.

The Department's chief, Charles J. McGarvey, says that the two main reasons for making the switch were cost and unresolved technical issues with their old software. Switching to ER has saved them a ton of money ("over 50 percent savings") and also provided them with stellar 24/7 support (a stark contrast to their previous RMS provider, who Chief McGarvey says was unresponsive to their requests for help). 

LowerMerionFD-ChiefMcGarveyCharles J. McGarvey, Chief Fire Officer/Fire Marshal

Chief McGarvey also described other benefits that his department has experienced since making the switch over two years ago - from increased efficiency to more useful data and reports. Click the link below to read the full case study and find out why, in his own words, Chief McGarvey believes the switch to ER was so beneficial to all of the volunteer agencies within Lower Merion Fire Department.

Download the Case Study

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