Choose the Right RMS with Fire/EMS Software Buyer’s Guide

Choose the Right RMS with Fire/EMS Software Buyer’s Guide

March 09, 2018

If you’ve ever shopped around for a Records Management System (RMS) for your Fire or EMS agency, you know it can be a time-consuming task. There are many factors to consider and many choices out there, and agencies often spend a vast amount of time searching for, comparing, testing, and finally selecting an RMS that will meet their specific needs.

To help make this difficult process an easier one for fire chiefs, IT managers, Fire/EMS administrators and other decision-makers, we’ve released a free Fire/EMS Software Buyer’s Guide. The e-book is available for download here.


The free Buyer’s Guide outlines the top things to consider when purchasing new Fire and EMS RMS software (such as hardware and network requirements), as well as the key features that a high-quality RMS should include (such as a fully-integrated ePCR). The guide also includes a handy checklist to use during every stage of the process.

Download the free Fire/EMS Software Buyer’s Guide here: To see how ER compares with other RMS software, download our comparison checklist here: For a free trial of ER, visit:

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