Case Study: ER Provides Records Management Software to Veterans Affairs Fire Department

Case Study: ER Provides Records Management Software to Veterans Affairs Fire Department

March 12, 2018

Using Microsoft Azure Government hosting, Emergency Reporting (ER) currently serves more than 170 DoD/military bases worldwide including the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, NASA, DOE, VA, and ARFF. As a FedRAMP "In Process" Fire and EMS RMS application vendor, ER is the only Fire, EMS, and risk assessment solution available to the federal government.

We recently completed a case study that takes a closer look at how one federal customer, a VA Medical Center (VAMC) fire department,* benefited from making the switch to ER's Fire RMS


This particular VAMC fire department used a tedious manual process comprised of a simple electronic document log book and a spreadsheet to document and report incidents. The time-consuming process involved making an entry in the electronic spreadsheet (which was used as the daily log), then another entry in the worksheet to track incident numbers, and then entries in NFIRS. Finally, all paperwork was printed and filed in a three-ring binder for inspections and maintenance. 

Once the VAMC fire department implemented the ER system, they benefited by cutting costs, saving time and increasing reporting accuracy. ER's firehouse software allows federal agencies like the VAMC to eliminate nearly all of their manual paperwork, resulting in a significant time savings for the facility, as well as saving physical space by no longer needing to store all their binders. After making the switch to ER, the VAMC fire department has more time and resources to focus on serving those who have served our country.

Click here to read the full case study. 

*Name withheld due to government ethics restrictions.

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