Case Study: ER Helps Dramatically Lower Arkansas FD ISO Rating

Case Study: ER Helps Dramatically Lower Arkansas FD ISO Rating

January 08, 2019

Did you know that switching to Emergency Reporting (ER) can help improve your Fire Department’s ISO rating? Currently, more than 454,000 first responders are taking advantage of ER’s Fire and EMS records management and reporting software, including Beaver Lake Fire Department (BLFD) in Rogers, Arkansas.

Take a look as this in-depth case study which shows how BLFD was able to easily switch over to ER, save money, and lower their ISO Rating. beaver case study cover

BLFD’s Fire Chief, John Whisenant, had many reasons for switching the department’s records management and NFIRS reporting over to ER. The most prominent being that their old RMS had an “antiquated user interface, lack of customer support, and software issues that led to [their] department being six months behind on NFIRS reports.” After BLFD integrated ER software into their daily routine, Chief Whisenant noticed that his department was spending less time inputting data because it was so easy to use and intuitive. Beyond that, they saved over $3,000 by choosing ER over a different vendor!


Another byproduct of the switch was BLFD’s dramatically lowered ISO Rating. Using ER helped improve their record keeping which in turn led to the department being infinitely more prepared for their next ISO audit. BLFD’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating dropped from a class six to a class four after just one year of using ER! Their lower PPC rating means that they will have lower insurance premiums and reduced fire risk to people and property in their jurisdiction. BLFD is better prepared than ever to achieve their mission of protecting and saving lives in their community.


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