Build an Impressive Annual Report Using Data from Your Fire/EMS RMS

Build an Impressive Annual Report Using Data from Your Fire/EMS RMS

June 25, 2018

Creating a thorough, impactful, and well-designed annual report is important for any Fire/EMS agency because it is one of the tools that will help you tell your agency’s story to your community and its leaders. An effective annual report will clearly illustrate the impact your agency has on the community’s health, safety, and economy, and can help you defend your department’s budget in the face of budget cuts. Some find that creating this important document can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful how-to guide that will walk fire service leaders through the process of developing a compelling annual report to share with the community.

Our newly-released Annual Report Guide includes tips for getting started, major areas you should focus on, the reports you can pull from ER to illustrate those areas of focus, and an example report to give you ideas on how to lay out and design the report.

Download the Annual Report Guide Now

The Annual Report Guide begins with 3 tips to get you started:

  • Tell a story. Use this opportunity to engage with your community and public safety leaders by telling your department’s unique story by using short case studies, photographs, anecdotes, and personal stories about the people who work and/or volunteer at your departments, and those in the communities they serve.
  • Make it visually appealing. Create sections with titles and images. Enlarge informative stats so they stand out. Use icons to help guide your reader’s attention to main points.
  • Think big picture results. Consider your audience when determining what type of information to include or exclude in your report. You should tie your results and outcomes to the big picture of public safety in your area. How did your agency’s achievements over the year affect them?

It also covers some common areas of focus for an Annual Report, including:

  • Organization Details and Letter from the Director or Chief
  • Fire Prevention
  • Installations
  • Awards
  • Accreditation and ISO
  • Statistics and Data


Once you’ve created a solid annual report, use it to impress the decision-makers at budget review meetings, and educate the public on your department’s achievements by bringing copies to community events such as fairs or educational events.

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