Actions Speak Louder Than Words in the Fire Industry and at Emergency Reporting

Actions Speak Louder Than Words in the Fire Industry and at Emergency Reporting

July 26, 2018

By Kim Einan, Emergency Reporting Customer Service Manager

My name is Kim and I’ve been a part of the Emergency Reporting (ER) support team for seven years, and have been Customer Service Manager for the past three. I’ve watched as ER and the number of first responders we serve has grown exponentially over the years, and here we are, still giving the best customer support in our industry to each customer.  

Someone recently asked me what I think sets our customer support at ER apart from other companies, and the answer is simple: we care about our customers.

Here's how our actions show that:

We Invest in Your Success

The largest department at ER is dedicated to customer success. Our trainers, customer support reps, and new customer onboarding professionals have the perfect combination of Fire/EMS experience, knowledge, and passion for creating easy-to-use software solutions, and a strong dedication to helping customers achieve their goals.

"I have found Emergency Reporting to be responsive to our needs. The ER team is a dedicated group of professionals committed to designing an RMS for the needs of an ever-increasing, complex fire service." - Ron Lindroth, Fire Chief, Central Valley Fire District (MT)

We're Always Here for You

When you need support from ER  – whether you have a general support question, need technical assistance, or would like additional help with your ER account –  we are here for you. You can submit a support ticket, use our fast and easy chat feature, join our Community Forum, or give us a call. Someone with a friendly and helpful attitude, based in the United States, and extremely knowledgeable about ER products, will help you find a solution to your problem.

“Emergency Reporting has been and continues to be very customer oriented. The customer service team has always been great to work with. They return calls and emails and truly make you feel like you and your business count.” - Mark Mlachak, Fire Chief, Painesville City Fire Dept. (OH)

We Listen to Our Customers

Our product managers actively seek out customer feedback and incorporate suggestions into our product. We also create self-service materials when you ask great questions, so that you and other ER customers have access to an extensive Knowledge Base of articles and videos.

"I get to talk to an actual person when I call or I get a fast e-mail response. LOVE YOU GUYS!” - Ann Harach, Administrator, Blue Rock Fire Rescue (PA)

We Focus on What Really Matters

The majority of our time is spent on making tools that save you time, are easy to use, and prevent you from wasting money on services you really don’t need. We develop relationships with other software companies that specialize in add-on services, and build API integrations so you can easily integrate the specific tools your department needs with ER, eliminating double data entry and giving you options most Fire/EMS records management solutions just don’t have.

"We have had nothing but a wonderful experience since moving from our old product to ER. Crew members literally finish NFIRS reports on the way back from a call riding backwards. It’s super easy, customizable, expandable, and they listen to customers!” - Joe Mera, Deputy Fire Chief, Leesburg Fire Rescue (FL)

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